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The Rub Society

The Rub Society Stubby Holder

The Rub Society Stubby Holder

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Discover ultimate beverage enjoyment with The Rub Society's Stubby Holder. Meticulously crafted with top-tier threads and materials, this holder guarantees lasting quality. Crafted from 5mm neoprene, it ensures your drink remains refreshingly chilled for extended periods, turning every sip into a gratifying experience. Uniting innovation and sustainability, it's built for endless use, providing reliable insulation time after time.

But there's more – the integrated bottom base transforms your holder into a sleek stand, upping its thermal efficiency. Whether it's a leisurely afternoon or an energetic gathering, this holder stands strong, keeping your drink cool and your spirits high. Revolutionise your beverage moments with The Rub Society's Stubby Holder – where craftsmanship and functionality meet for the ultimate refreshment journey.

Also has a handy internal temp guide on the back

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