About Us

One day, three mates (Corey, Michael and Daniel) were having a heart-to-heart about their love of all things barbecue. One was talking about the meats he’d smoked over the weekend, another was raving about a new product he’d found and was dying to try, while the third was busy using his favourite rub on the steak he was preparing for their dinner.

The problem was, they had all needed to search multiple websites to discover each product. After a bit of discussion over a few cold ones, they decided there had to be an easier way - and The Rub Society was born!

We’ve got all your favourite brands in one shop. No more wasting time scrolling when you could be savouring. Whether you’re after homegrown heroes or something as exotic as they come, we’ve got you covered.

The Rub Society is here to provide you with the widest range of products to take your BBQ from ordinary to amazing!


The Rub Society Team