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At The Rub Society, we're an Aussie small business proud to work with many valued partners to deliver quality barbecue rubs and products to our customers around the country.

We're privileged to be an Exclusive Distributor of The Butcher's Cut BBQ meat rubs and seasonings. The Butcher's Cut is a Texas-based start-up that offers exclusive, high-quality butcher-crafted products to take your barbecue game to the next level.

Our partnerships with local producers, including Meat Graffiti, Olive Pip Co., Rib Racks Barbecue and Bulldozer, make us at The Rub Society so proud. Two of our partners, The Butcher's Cut and Postal Barbecue, are exclusive to The Rub Society. Through these valued partnerships, we highlight amazing bbq meat rubs that have emerged as real challengers to the tried and tested brands our clients and customers already know and love.

Maintaining these partnerships for years to come is our priority at The Rub Society. That's why we ensure all our connections are based on trust, integrity and a joint commitment to excellence. If you create amazing bbq rubs Australia residents will love, we'd love to get to know you and work together to unite our shared passion for quality barbecue products.

 The Butchers Cut

Postal Barbeque


Angus & Oink

Atomic Chicken
BRZ Food
Bulldozer BBQ

Greenwood BBQ

Heavenly Hell
Johnny Macs Rubs

Kosmos Q

Lanes BBQ
LownSlow American BBQ
LownSlow Basics
Mama Melisse
Meat Graffiti
Meat Mitch
Misty Gully

Natural Smoke 

 Olive Pip Co

Rub & Grub
Sauc'd LownSlow
Smokey Joe's Rubs


Smokin' Mango BBQ Smoky Pastures
Stagg & Co

Yapo's Famin Trumpets

BBQ and Brew Show
Our Cow
Rib Racks Barbecue
Coast N Smoke