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  • "I used Texas Dirt on a brisket last weekend and it blew us away. This is hands down the most amazing rub I have ever tasted. I was cooking at a mate’s house on their gas BBQ and the Texas Dirt made all the difference. No joke, this tasted like it came straight of a char grill!

    It gave a great bark and packed a perfect amount of heat, but still let the flavours shine through. Everyone was raving about it. It's definitely my new favourite and I’ve already ordered more. One of the neighbours even stuck his head over the fence to ask what we had on the BBQ; it smelled that good!"

    - Angelo

  • "Great service from The Rub Society. The website is easy to use, loads fast, and there weren’t any issues with checkout. Ordered a bunch of things to try and everything arrived as ordered and faster than I expected. The products are high quality and you get a good amount for the price.

    They have a really good range, which is a nice change from having to shop around lots of places and pay heaps on postage as a result. You can find stuff here you won’t see anywhere else in Australia. It's a great idea these guys have going. I’ll definitely be back to order more!"
    - Grant

  • Low and Slow Basics

    Aaron created Low n Slow Basics to help teach others the art of smoking meat and barbecue.
    This comes in the form of educational YouTube videos. In a few short years Aaron has been able to build Low n Slow Basics from something he was doing on the side of having a family and working a full-time job, to a business with multiple revenue streams which he proudly works on full time and can comfortably support my family with whilst having a great work/life/balance.

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  • Natural Smoke BBQ

    Natural Smoke BBQ Woods are sourced solely from South Australia. South Australian couple, Russell and Sarah Kolenberg, rely solely on their relationships with their local suppliers and farmers. They can tell you the story behind each type of wood and where it came from. Natural Smoke BBQ has a huge range of flavoured Wood Smoking Chunks.

    Natural Smoke Products 
  • Four Monkeys BBQ Rubs

    Daniel Barrett is the creator of Four Monkeys BBQ Rubs, Pitmaster of Big Smoke BBQ and winner of the 2017 Australian BBQ Championship. With years of experience working in BBQ hospitality, as well as battling it out on the competition circuit across the globe, you know there’s a mountain of passion and knowledge behind every Four Monkeys BBQ product Dan’s developed.

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  • Meat Church

    The Pittman family hail from the great state of Texas where their love of BBQ runs deep. Matt got seriously involved in the BBQ space after taking a trip to Central Texas to taste the real stuff. One bite of salt & pepper brisket and he was hooked. From there, BBQ became his lifestyle. Matt would soon get smoke deep into the BBQ lifestyle and began doing it professionally. Between competing in BBQ competitions and hosting cooking classes, to being the king of Dallas Cowboy tailgates, Pittman has become a seasoned pro! Check out the Meat Church range.

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  • Kosmos Q

    BBQ brings people together no matter the weather. Kosmos Q started as a passion project to encourage people to spend more time with friends & family.
    They sold their first product, The Original Beef Brisket Injection, out of a linen cabinet. Today, they ship over 30 different products to grill masters and fans around the world. Their sales have continued to grow in the years since their products won the 2015 World Steak Championship and the 2015 World BBQ Championship.

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  • Angus & Oink

    Angus & Oink began over 7 years ago after founders Scott & Malissa had spent almost a decade travelling the world with work and living and working in the Americas and Middle East. Whilst based overseas, the foodie couple took the opportunity to travel as much as they could, usually with one thing on their minds – the flavours and food of the country they were visiting.

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