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Natural Smoke

Natural Smoke 1kg Chunks

Natural Smoke 1kg Chunks

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At Natural Smoke they work with Australian farmers, producers and small businesses to bring you the best quality of fruit, nut and hardwoods to elevate your next BBQ.

Natural Smokes wood is 100% Australian sourced, processed and packed by hand on our property in Myponga, SA.

Natural Smoke maintain close relationships with our suppliers and local farmers, and can tell you a bit of the story behind each type of wood and the family businesses that supply it.

All packs are 1kg wood chunks, choose your desired flavour.


Apple has a light, easy going smoke with good burn time. It compliments all meats, adding a very mild flavour. Apple is particularly good with pork and is perfect as an introduction to smoking. 

Aussie oak is a very dense wood and smokes for a long time. it smells almost like popcorn or roasted nuts when burning and is one of the most versatile smoking woods.

Apricot has an easy going, sweet and mild smoke. It burns well and is good for all length cooks, best with white meats

Bourbon barrel smoke works well with most meats, particularly red meats.

Cherry is a great all-rounder and has a very popular, distinct sweet smoke smell. It also adds an excellent mahogany colour to your meats

Ironbark is a very dense wood, great for long cooks or as a heat source. It has a very bold flavour and renowned Australia wide as being an excellent choice for smoking

Nectarine has a slightly stronger than some other fruit woods, still goes very well with white meats and has a good burn time

Peach, like most fruit woods, works very well with white meat. It smokes well with a medium burn time and has a mild, sweet smell.

Pecan has a unique sweet smelling smoke with a nutty flavour. Pecan is a versatile all-rounder with a medium burn time. If you're a fan of hickory but want to stick with Australian woods then pecan is for you

Weeping myall or 'acacia pendula' is a fantastic smoking wood. It has a distinctly "jammy" smell. Myall is super dense, clean burning and a great smoking wood for all protein types. It provides a mild influence and a particular sweetness to your bbq.

Wine Barrel soaked oak has a moderate burn time and a lovely smell of wine. Wine barrel oak is a good quality wood that provides ample smoke and flavour . Small pieces are well suited to short cook

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