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  • The Rub Society @ The Beer & BBQ Festival

    COVID-19 might have dried up the taps, put out the fires and turned off the music in 2021...but the ABBF is back, bigger, better, hazier and louder...
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    Are you a BBQ fanatic? If you're passionate about the amazing flavours that skillfully seasoned and cooked meat can provide, you'll know the importance of having the right rubs, sauces and glazes to hand.
  • Meat Stock 2022 - Australia's Biggest Barbecue Festival

    Music, BBQ and awesome events? That's right, we can't wait for Meat Stock 2022 either. Australia's biggest barbecue festival is back and The Rub So...
  • The BBQ smoking trend in Australia and how it has grown

    There's something special about a barbecue. Whether it's the freedom to cook in the open air or the much more casual nature of a barbecue with your...
  • Beer and BBQ Festival Adelaide Postponed

    And we thought 2020 was a dud year! With the ever-changing rhetoric from our state and federal leaders around border closures and lockdowns, we ...