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The Pitmaster Pro Pack

The Pitmaster Pro Pack

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There is not much you haven’t nailed as a Pitmaster Pro! This pack allows you to play with flavours that continue to take your BBQ to the next level. The Pitmaster Pro pack has the very best from the USA and Australia, allowing you to combine locally sourced ingredients with the home of BBQ in the USA.

What's Included

1x Hardcore Carnivore Black Shaker

1x Riks Grill M.W.A

1x Smokey Joe’s Rubs - Fire Cracker

1x Smoky Pastures - Bullet Proof Bacon Cure

1x LownSlow Basics - Steak Shooter

1x Meat Mitch - Naked BBQ Sauce


All Packs come boxed.

*Please be aware that given the size of some products only the Rubs will be boxed

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