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Rubb & Grub

Rub & Grub - Make Bark Don't Fake Bark

Rub & Grub - Make Bark Don't Fake Bark

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It's time to rehabilitate your meat with our MBDFB (Make Bark Don't Fake Bark) seasoning.

A punchy pepper forward Texas style seasoning with salt, garlic and other tasty ingredients which help create the dark, delicious spice crust that BBQ enthusiasts strive for - Bark!

🚫 Does not contain Charcoal Powder 🚫

Blended and packed in Australia (SA) from local & imported ingredients.

What is Bark?
It’s the dark, crispy and delicious crust of flavour that builds on the surface of meat when it’s exposed to heat, oxygen and smoke.

Size - 230g

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