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Meatstock Pork Missile

Meatstock Pork Missile

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Meatstock Pork Missile

Up your Pork Game with a flavor explosion that’s perfectly balanced to match any Pork cut. Perfect for slow-cooking fatty cuts like shoulders or neck in the BBQ smoker. Or grilling hot and fast with loins or chops. You can even sprinkle it on after shredding a pork butt for an all-over flavor. Either way, the Pork Missile is a game-changer. 

Just coat any Pork cut and leave for 10 minutes to activate and work its magic before cooking. Pork Missile will add the kind of flavour that will have friends and BBQ competition judges alike asking for more.

Pork Missile is blended with sugar, salt, ground spices, and dehydrated vegetables which add texture and a rich, savory flavour that you just don't get in traditional pork rubs. They're the not-so-secret ingredient that makes this one magical BBQ pork rub.

 Take your pork game to the next level and add some magic with Pork Missile.


Size - 225g

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