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Meatstock - MEGA PACK

Meatstock - MEGA PACK

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Amp up the flavour at your next outdoor barbecue when you get to grilling with the six delicious tastes in this Meatstock Spice Kit. This six-piece set collects Meatstock's full selection so you can experiment to find the perfect seasoning for your favourite meals.


Thunderbird is perfect grilled, pan-fried, roasted or smoked, with sweet, fruity woods like apple, peach or cherry, but it’s also robust enough to complement oak and hickory.

And Thunderbird isn't just for flavor either — it's about looks, too. While adding a mild, peppery taste, the paprika makes turkey and chicken almost glow with a vibrantly red color.


Salt and Peper. It’s the classic taste of Texas and the foundation for a perfect bark that epitomizes real authentic barbecue.

We have perfected the size of the pepper gain and the thickness of the salt flakes, to ensure maximum penetration, without overpowering the meat.


From shrimp to scallops and everything in between, Meat Lab Spitfire Seafood Rub is the absolute perfect seasoning combo. Using a mix of salt and pepper, with lime zest and carefully selected spices, Meat Lab Spitfire Seafood Rub brings out the natural flavors in your food without completely overpowering them.

Perfect for salmon, oysters, calamari, scallops, snapper or any seafood. You can even sprinkle it on your veggies for a boost of flavour.


Drop a flavor bomb into any beef dish with Beef Bomber BBQ Rub. With a base of salt and pepper, blended with spices and a slight hint of coffee, it’s enough to make your tastebuds dance.

Perfect hot and fast on Steaks, from Rib-eyes to Tomahawks, Flank to Tri-Tip Or low and slow in the smoker or slow cooker with Shank or Chuck. You can even pack the flavor into any mince dish like spaghetti and Lasagna. 



Up your Pork Game with a flavor explosion that’s perfectly balanced to match any Pork cut. Perfect for slow-cooking fatty cuts like shoulders or neck in the BBQ smoker. Or grilling hot and fast with loins or chops. You can even sprinkle it on after shredding a pork butt for all-over flavor. Either way Pork Missile is a game-changer. 



Make every piece of Lamb a flavor-bomb with the Meat Lab Lamb Grenade BBQ rub.  

This sweet and savory mix is perfect for the robust flavor of lamb. Throw Grenade BBQ lamb rub on chops, cutlets and steaks for hot and fast cooking. Or Shoulders and legs for low and slow on a smoker or spit rotisserie. No matter the cut, Grenade will give your Lamb a beautiful color and a taste that will turn everyone into a lamb lover.

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