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Meatstock Lamb Grenade

Meatstock Lamb Grenade

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Meatstock Lamb Grenade

Make every piece of lamb a flavor-bomb with the Meatstock Lamb Grenade BBQ rub. 

Just coat any lamb cut and leave for 10 minutes to activate and work its magic before cooking. 

This sweet and savory mix is perfect for the robust flavor of lamb. Throw Lamb Grenade BBQ Rub on chops, cutlets and steaks for hot and fast cooking, or shoulders and legs for low and slow on a smoker or spit rotisserie. No matter the cut, Lamb Grenade will give your lamb a beautiful colour and a taste that will turn everyone into a lamb lover.

Take your lamb game to the next level and add some magic with Lamb Grenade.


Size - 230g

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