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Bulldozer BBQ

Bulldozer BBQ - Sweet Pit Spritz

Bulldozer BBQ - Sweet Pit Spritz

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"What do you spritz your ribs with?" A question asked over and over through forums and bbq conversations everywhere. Bulldozer BBQ felt like since we've been developing and using our own answer for 20+ years, it made sense to make it available to everyone. We did our research and couldn't find anyone else in Australia OR the US offering such a product. (yet. lol)

This is a delicious sweet, mild blend of vinegars, juices, spices, garlic and ginger that not only keeps your meats moist but also flavourful. The whole idea of smoking meats is based on the idea of absorbing smoke and other flavours into the meat as it slowly relaxes and cooks. Why not continually add flavour as you go?

Spray your meat in advance and then every 20-30 minutes until done. Serious barbecue competitors have even been using it as part of our testing as a final flavour boost just before turn ins and getting great flavour scores. We've put it through the paces in top butcher shops and bbq masterclasses where shop employees and pupils have been drinking it as-is! It's that good.

500ml bottle with a heavy duty dual spray/mist trigger. Gluten free, MSG free.

Size - 500ml


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