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Bulldozer BBQ

Bulldozer BBQ - SPOG

Bulldozer BBQ - SPOG

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This is our simplest rub but don't underestimate it. It all comes down to the beautiful mineral flavours provided by a special grind of Pink Lake Salt that comes from the Dimboola, Vic Lakes. We couple that gorgeous locally produced product with fresh granulated onion and garlic and multiple sized grinds of black pepper.

We use this stuff constantly, from the undercoating on a brisket to get a coarser bark, to a key component in jalapeno poppers, to seasoning vegies. And of course, as the classic central Texas standalone rub.

Absolutely no other SPG product, domestic or imported, beats it. All comes down to freshness.

Gluten Free, No MSG or other additives, Sugar Free, Vegan friendly

Size - 240g


Mineral filled Victorian Pink Lake Salt, coarse and cracked pepper, granulated Australian onion and garlic

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