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Bulldozer BBQ

Bulldozer BBQ - Big Ballsy

Bulldozer BBQ - Big Ballsy

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Building off our time cooking professionally in south Texas, we offer a blend that takes off from the traditional. First we added high quality Victorian Pink Lake salt instead of commercial kosher. Local herbs to the smoldering warmth of smoked chipotle and ancho.

When Bulldozer came along, we upped the game. We've added the rich goodness of Australian butter flavour (milk solids) and mushroom, with a touch of sharpness from organic horseradish and Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry, straight from the grower.

The perfect solution to low n' slow beef brisket and ribs, turkey and chicken. We also love this on a nice steak and on grilled lamb!

Gluten Free, No MSG or other additives., Sugar Free

Size - 210g


chipotle, ancho, salt, butter powder (from Australian milk), garlic, onion, mushroom, horseradish, Tas. mountain pepperberry

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