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The Rub Society

Beginner Rub Pack

Beginner Rub Pack

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The beginner pack is the perfect match for someone just starting out smoking. These three rubs give you everything you need to make both Beef and Pork ribs and Pulled pork, Pork Belly Burnt Ends and Beef Shin. The Blackjack allows you to try your skills at mastering the Beef Brisket as well. If you have just purchased a smoker or are purchasing for someone else this pack is a must-have!

What's Included

1x The Rub Society - illuMOOnati 240g

1x Smoky Pastures - Sweet Dreams

1x Meat Church - Holy cow

All Packs come boxed.

*Please be aware that given the size of some products only the Rubs will be boxed

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