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Angus & Oink

Angus & Oink - Moo Mami Grilling Powder

Angus & Oink - Moo Mami Grilling Powder

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Inspired by great steaks and brisket, we loaded this with mega flavour to bring out the best in beef while building a monumental crust or bark on the beef. Big Dawg BARK.

Umami depth comes from soy, seaweed and mushroom while chipotle, ancho and mulato chillies give a united balance of heat. Our careful sugar blend aids absorption into the meat and triggers each other for maximum rub dissipation for competition cooks. The gentle hum of Pineapple powder helps with tenderness, thanks to its unique natural enzyme bromeliad.

Serving Suggestions:

It's pie season y'all! Season up your diced shin for the most epic beef and ale pie.ย 

Size - 200g

Ingredients (Allergens inย CAPS & BOLD)
Salt, Sugar, Paprika, Black Pepper, Pineapple Powder, Garlic, Seaweed powder, mushroom powder, tamari (SOY) sauce powder, Celery Salt (CELERY), onion, chilli powder, spices, silicon dioxide

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