Up In Smoke: The SCA Competition at Beer & BBQ Festival Adelaide

Up In Smoke: The SCA Competition at Beer & BBQ Festival Adelaide

Two weekends ago, the Beer & BBQ Festival in Adelaide was ablaze with the fiery passion of grill masters and barbecue enthusiasts who gathered to witness the ultimate showdown in the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) competition - Up In Smoke. This thrilling event brought together the best grillers from all corners of the country to compete in Breakfast, Steak, and Sausage categories. Let's dive into the highlights of this sizzling and flavorful competition!

Breakfast Category: A Morning Delight

To kick off the Up In Smoke competition, the Breakfast category set the tone for a day filled with mouthwatering delights. Grillers had the opportunity to showcase their creativity and skills by crafting a delectable breakfast meal on the grill. Amanda Griffiths emerged as the breakfast champion, stealing the spotlight with her exceptional culinary finesse and securing the prestigious 1st place with an impressive score of 202.50. Charlotte Hughes demonstrated her grill mastery, earning the well-deserved 2nd place with a score of 201.50, while Ferny Tucker claimed the 3rd spot with a score of 197.50. The Breakfast category ignited the appetite of the crowd and set the stage for the thrilling competitions to come.

Steak - Day 2 Competition 1: A Fiery Showdown

On Day 2 of Up In Smoke, the atmosphere was electrifying as the Steak category began. The grillers brought their A-game, grilling juicy and flavorful steaks that left the judges in awe. Dennis Halls reigned supreme in this fierce competition, wowing the judges with his perfectly cooked steak and securing the 1st place with an impressive score of 251.30. Dan Barrett showcased his grilling expertise and claimed the 2nd position with a score of 245.30, while Kyle Leffers' mouthwatering steak landed him the 3rd spot with a score of 235.20. The Steak category was a fiery showdown of grill talent that left everyone craving more.

Steak - Day 2 Competition 2: A Battle of Flavors

As the day progressed, the grillers returned for the second round of the Steak category, each eager to outdo their previous performance. Amanda Griffith delivered a stunning display of skill, impressing the judges and securing the 1st place with a remarkable score of 246.40. Troy Belbrough continued to showcase his grill prowess, securing the 2nd spot with a score of 243.30. Simon Spinks, not to be outdone, earned the 3rd position with a score of 241.30, making it clear that the battle of flavors was nothing short of extraordinary.

Sausage Category: A Flavorful Finale

The grand finale of the Up In Smoke competition was the Sausage category, where grillers had the chance to demonstrate their creativity in preparing the perfect sausage. Troy Belbrough, a standout performer, once again impressed the judges with his sausage mastery, taking home the 1st place in this category with a fantastic score of 199.30. Amanda Griffith also showcased her versatility and skill, securing the 2nd position with a score of 198.30, adding another achievement to her already impressive record. Todd Lemmer's sausage expertise landed him the 3rd spot with a score of 192.90, making the Sausage category a flavorful and satisfying conclusion to the competition.

Conclusion: A Sizzling Success

Up In Smoke, the SCA competition at the Beer & BBQ Festival Adelaide, was an exhilarating success, celebrating the art of grilling and the passion of grill masters. Congratulations to all the winners, especially Amanda Griffiths and Troy Belbrough, who showcased their grill mastery throughout the competition.

The festival provided an unforgettable experience for attendees, with its mouthwatering barbecue treats, refreshing craft beers, and the intense thrill of the SCA competition. Up In Smoke truly lived up to its name, leaving everyone in awe of the culinary talents on display.

If you missed this year's Beer & BBQ Festival, mark your calendar for the next edition. Up In Smoke promises a sizzling and flavorful adventure for all barbecue enthusiasts and grill masters, a feast for the senses that is not to be missed. Until then, let the grilling adventures continue, and may your flames burn bright!

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