The Rub Society @ The Beer & BBQ Festival

The Rub Society @ The Beer & BBQ Festival

COVID-19 might have dried up the taps, put out the fires and turned off the music in 2021...but the ABBF is back, bigger, better, hazier and louder than ever.

The ABBF Festival

The Festival will be held from July 15-17 at Adelaide Showground and is the place to be to enjoy quality beers, BBQ and beats.

You can sample amazing products from over 100 brewers, distillers and wine producers, coming together under one roof throughout the Festival. If you're wanting to go non-alcoholic, no worries - there's plenty of that too. You also won't want to miss the Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards, which kick off the Festival each year.

If, like us, BBQ is your thing, there'll be a seriously amazing slew of chefs on hand grilling up a storm. From smoking meat and bbq rubs to online bbq recipes and more, there's so much on offer. You can even check out the BBQ Masterclasses as part of the Beer Geek: A Hop Odyssey session, or join in Billy Bob's Special BBQ Jam at the family and dog-friendly Hair of the Dog extravaganza. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

And as you sample all the beer and barbecue that the Festival has to offer, you can sit back and enjoy the fantastic rock'n'roll and DJ performances hosted across the Festival's two stages.

BBQ Rubs Australia at the ABBF!

Don't hesitate to come on down to the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival. While you're there, drop by and say hello to your favourite supplier of all things BBQ! At The Rub Society Market Stall, we'll have plenty of our high-quality bbq meat rubs and bbq seasoning, delicious sauces, incredible Atomic Chicken flavourings, and awesome accessories for you to choose from.

We're also thrilled to share that The Rub Society is partnering with Meat at the Mount to sponsor "Iron Triangle BBQ" in the BBQ Comp! Just one more reason to come and check us out at the Beer and BBQ Festival.

We really don't want you to miss out on enjoying this fantastic, family-friendly experience. Tickets sell fast and might not be available on the day, so we encourage you to pre-purchase and secure your place for your favourite sessions or experiences.

Come visit The Rub Society and take your BBQ game to the next level

Have you ever wanted to do a quality BBQ or grill but struggled to find the right products? The Rub Society's just what you need. We're your one-stop-shop for a range of quality barbecue rubs and barbecue seasoning products. Whether you want to stick with your favourite local hero or try something completely exotic, The Rub Society's guaranteed to provide exactly what you're looking for. Why settle for ordinary when your BBQ could be amazing? Contact us today to learn more about our fantastic products.
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