The BBQ smoking trend in Australia and how it has grown

The BBQ smoking trend in Australia and how it has grown

There's something special about a barbecue. Whether it's the freedom to cook in the open air or the much more casual nature of a barbecue with your friends, cooking out on the open grill is a lot of fun, and is a trend that's growing more and more. Read on to find out all about what makes a barbecue special, and how the BBQ smoking trend has grown in Australia.

Low and slow

Low and slow barbecue has recently seen something of a renaissance in America, with backyard grillers looking to add another layer of flavour to their food. By cooking in a smoker you can instil a salty and full smoky flavour to your meat, whilst helping it to get extra tender. Of course, this found its way across the Pacific and now backyard chefs are looking to use smoke in a wide range of recipes, rather than sticking with the quicker style of barbecue typically seen in Australia.

Briskets vs Burgers

One of the dishes most commonly served on a low and slow barbecue is beef brisket. Brisket is almost impossible to cook by any other means due to the nature of the joint's fat, but slowly cooking it helps the fat to melt away and leave gloriously tender meat behind. You can serve this typically in sandwiches, which makes brisket a threat to the common burger. Brisket looks great, tastes delicious, and with the right methods, can be just as easy as a burger to cook.

Embrace modernity

Ultimately, the expansion in the use of smokers and American barbecue in Australia has come from an increasing role of science in the world of food. Long smoke times are calculated based on the temperature and wood used, so you always receive a tender end product with a crunchy and flavoursome "bark" on the outside. Although you may be more used to the quick and easy Australian barbecue that focuses on quickly getting burgers cooked and to your hungry guests, take a bit of time with a larger joint of meat. Your guests will love it, and you might even have a new hobby.
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