Shop online at The Rub Society today

Shop online at The Rub Society today

Are you a legend amongst your friends and family for your BBQ skills? Maybe smoking meat is one of your chosen pastimes, preparing prime cuts so that they are smoked to perfection. If you're a fan of smoking or barbecuing, it's time to visit us here at The Rub Society. We're a group of mates who are passionate about great tasting meat that's been smoked or barbecued. We understand how the right rub, high-grade wood chunks or a state-of-the-art smoker can make an enormous difference to the end flavour of your meat.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a one-stop solution to all their rub, glazes, sauces and BBQing/Smoking needs. In addition, we also stock briquettes, wood chunks and charcoal, providing you with the specialist fuel choices you need to enhance the flavour of whichever cuts of meat you're preparing. We love all things barbecued! Whether it's providing tutorials from well-known experts on how to get the most from your smoker to bringing you specialist selections of the best rubs in the world, we leave no stone unturned in our search to deliver everything a BBQ/smoking expert craves.

Australia's fastest-growing online BBQ store

When we set out to create a haven for dedicated BBQ enthusiasts who like nothing better than a charcoal-grilled steak or a lovingly smoked joint of beef or lamb, we had no idea just how popular we would become! We always knew that few things can beat a good old Aussie BBQ, but even allowing for our national enthusiasm for cooking in the outdoors, we hadn't bargained for so much interest in our BBQ rubs, barbecue seasoning and other products. Not only have we been thrilled by the response from our customers, but we've also been delighted to welcome partners and ambassadors on board.

Our ambassadors are other BBQ enthusiasts & businesses across the country that share our devotion to flavoursome meat, carefully prepared and skilfully cooked over charcoal or in a smokehouse. Ambassadors give you access to anything from BBQ recipes through to tips, demonstrations, tutorials and events where there are certain to be some fantastically tasty BBQ options on offer. If you're looking for inspiration on the best way to use our BBQ meat rubs or other items, use our site and those of ambassadors for plenty of great ideas.

Get all your favourite BBQ products all in the one location

If you're a BBQ devotee, chances are you're on a perpetual mission to track down the best BBQ rubs Australia can source. To a true connoisseur, no two barbecue rubs are the same. Some work better with lamb or pork, others are fantastic on steak, but not so good on ribs. If you want a rub that showcases the flavours of Brazil or Mexico, you'll want one with different ingredients to an Australian rub that's sourced and blended locally.

We share your delight in discovering a BBQ seasoning that's exactly right for the taste you're looking for. To make it easier for you to find a rub that's exactly right, we've brought together more than a hundred different rubs, glazes and sauces, all of which are intended for use on smoked and/or barbecued food.

Every rub we offer is created from the finest ingredients, which are clearly displayed in the description - there's no danger of ending up with a rub that contains undisclosed nasties when you buy from The Rub Society. Our rubs include Aussie favourites and rubs from the USA, South America and elsewhere - if you want access to international favourites, take a look at our generous inventory of different rub products.

We also stock rubs that are suitable for pork, beef, chicken (check out Atomic chicken Southern Fried Chicken to make the best-fried chicken ever), lamb, game, fish, exotic meats and even vegetables.

One of Australia's largest ranges of BBQ products, including BBQ rubs, sauces and more

The team at The Rub Society is proud to stock one of the largest collections of BBQ rubs and related flavourings that you'll find anywhere in the country. We have carefully curated a wide selection of brands, ranging from iconic, well-known household names to specialist, artisan brands that are very much the province of the dedicated BBQ enthusiast.

Our selection has something suitable for everyone - if you simply want a tasty rub or two to spice up your Friday night family barbie, we've got your back. At the other end of the spectrum, if you're an out and out foodie who likes to source an authentic rub blend for a special occasion, take a look at our stunning selection from brands such as Mitch, The Butcher's Cut, Postal Barbecue, BRZ Food and Heavenly Hell.

If you're a vegetarian, we've got a great selection of barbecue rubs online that add flavour to sweetcorn, mushrooms, veggie kebabs and any other veg you want to cook over charcoal. As well as rubs for the hot food, we've also got some tasty sauces that work really well on salads and side dishes, ensuring every aspect of your BBQ is as good as it possibly can be.

As well as single rub products, we also stock collections and gift packs, which are great ideas for Christmas and birthday presents.

We're always searching for fresh products to add to our collection - if you're aware of a high-grade rub that we've missed, ask us about it and we'll be delighted to try and source it for you!

Get goods delivered straight to your doorstep

Stocking up for your next BBQ couldn't be easier. Simply order all your barbecue supplies online from the team here at The Rub Society. Your order will be quickly selected and securely packed. Note that we offer FREE shipping on any orders that cost $69 or more and that weigh less than 3kg - that's an awful lot of rub, so get busy choosing your favourites now and save on your shipping costs.

Order from our premium selection of rubs, bark, charcoal and other BBQ supplies today and enjoy the difference they make to the next time you light the charcoal or fire up the smokehouse.
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