Meat Stock 2022 - Australia's Biggest Barbecue Festival

Meat Stock 2022 - Australia's Biggest Barbecue Festival

Music, BBQ and awesome events? That's right, we can't wait for Meat Stock 2022 either. Australia's biggest barbecue festival is back and The Rub Society is selling many of the amazing BBQ rubs displayed at this epic event. As devoted BBQ fans, The Rub Society are excited to watch this year's Meat Stock Music & BBQ Festival.


The Rub Society & Meat Stock

We can't think of anything better than smoking meat, country music, incredible BBQ recipes and a festival full of fellow meat lovers. Whether you love BBQ ribs, steak or atomic chicken, Meat Stock is going to have everything your heart desires. The 2022 tour is heading to Melbourne, Toowoomba, Sydney and Auckland so grab tickets to your closest event now. Watch celebrity chefs showcase their BBQing skills, pick up some new BBQ recipes or show off your talents in one of the many grilling competitions. At The Rub Society, we are so excited about these awesome events and we'll be proudly showcasing many Australian BBQ seasonings alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, all barbecue rubs online.


Meat Stock dates 2022

The epic BBQ festival is heading to four locations, so there's an opportunity for every BBQ lover to enjoy their Meat Stock experience in 2022. Music line-ups vary across the events, so check out the latest online announcement to plan your weekend. Starting its tour of Australia in Melbourne, the first event is on 26-27 March. Held at the Melbourne Showgrounds, festival-goers can eat from Fancy Hanks, RG Food Truck, Smokestack BBQ, Black Iron Smokers and more. Enjoy amazing food cooked outside whilst listening to Gretta Ziller, Pierce Brothers plus Ben Mastwyk and his Millions.

The Toowoomba Meat Stock festival is taking place 8-9 April 2022 and food vendors include Barbecue Mafia, Flamin Grillas Low & Slow BBQ and Brazilian Flame Barbecue. So far the lineup includes Brad Cox, Felicity Urquhart & Josh Cunningham, The Wolfe Brothers and Blake Danter. The Toowoomba event also offers camping for BBQ fans who fancy waking up to the smell of smoking meat. Set in the Toowoomba Showgrounds, BBQ lovers can camp over too with space for RVs, campers and motorhomes and arrive on Thursday for an extra day!

Next, the BBQ festival heads to Sydney on 6-8 May 2022 for an epic weekend of food and music. Sydney BBQ lovers can taste amazing street food from Firepop, American BBQ Kitchen, La Boca Grill and Black Bear BBQ. Headliners The Living End, Polish Club, Brad Cox and The Sweet Jelly Rolls will be providing the perfect soundtrack. There will also be a Meat Stock event in Auckland, with the date still to be announced so New Zealander BBQ fans don't need to miss out!


What's going on

This epic BBQ festival has a packed schedule, with bands, grilling competitions, demonstrations, product tastings and beard wars! There is also a giant barbecue expo featuring some of the finest BBQ accessories and products from around the world. If you've been saving up for a new smoker or want to test out the latest BBQ tech, this event has everything you could possibly need for the perfect grill. Each location has a different itinerary, so why not go to all of them? With events like Sydney Butcher Wars and Rod & Custom Rumble, this is the perfect festival for any meat lovers. The Meatstock Beard and Mo Wars are another occasion not to miss, as are live demos from some of the leading BBQ meat suppliers.


Live Music at Meat Stock

This music & BBQ festival also has an amazing line-up of bands and artists, from international stars to local music favourites. There's a wide range of music styles at Meat STock, from country to rock and roll to acoustic sets, so whatever you love to listen to, you'll find it here. Enjoy the beautiful weather, choose a beer from the many bars and enjoy live music in Australia like it should be listened to. Favourites like Brad Cox, Lee Kernaghan, Chris Rose, Chole Kay and the Crusade, Jake Davey and The Living End are all playing dates on the tour.


Experience BBQ food from around the world

We might be famous for our BBQ expertise in Australia, but we do know that other places have some pretty great BBQ recipes too. Meat Stock is the perfect place to try new dishes, hunt down those legendary smokers and stock up on new BBQ seasoning. Try BBQ food from around the world with a huge range of food trucks, vendors, demonstrations and incredible grills. World-famous BBQ chefs will also be showing up to share their skills. Martin Goffin, Dan & Steph and Laura Romero will all be heading to a Meat Stock event to share their BBQ secrets with fellow meat lovers.

A weekend of amazing flavours

The two-day event gives BBQ fans the chance to try delicious meats, cooked to perfection. With a range of handmade products, BBQ accessories, hot sauces, knives and even pickles, it's the ideal place to get gift ideas for the BBQ fans in your life. Most importantly, BBQ lovers will be able to taste incredible food from some of the world's finest BBQ chefs, with food trucks, grilling events and so many food vendors to choose from.

Raise your BBQ game

These awesome events are also an opportunity to get all of your ideas and have The Rub Society deliver them straight to your door step. We are so excited to bring our range of BBQ rubs to meat lovers across Australia. The Rub Society is proud to stock some of the world's finest BBQ rubs with one of Australia's largest BBQ rub ranges, we can't wait to take your BBQ food to the next level with our incredible selection. Tickets for the festival can be bought online and you'll be able to follow our Meat Stock adventures on our social media accounts.

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    If you can't wait til Meat Stock 2022 to raise your BBQ game, shop our huge range of barbecue rubs online and experiment with new flavours at home. From spicy BBQ seasonings to Texan BBQ rubs to Australian sourced wood for smokers, shop our exclusive range of BBQ products to get ready for the big event. All barbecue rubs online.

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