Find out more about The Rub Society and the brands we support

Find out more about The Rub Society and the brands we support

Are you a BBQ fanatic? If you're passionate about the amazing flavours that skillfully seasoned and cooked meat can provide, you'll know the importance of having the right rubs, sauces and glazes to hand. Whether you're a fan of Rub & Grub, Smokey Joe's Rubs, Smokin' Mangoes BBQ or The Butchers Cut range of rubs, having the rub you need to give your meat the right preparation before it's charred to perfection is vital.

At The Rub Society, we understand the importance of sourcing your chosen rub quickly and easily. As a team of BBQ enthusiasts, we understand that rubs and glazes, along with expert BBQing, are what makes a juicy steak or some prime ribs absolutely irresistible. To help out other BBQ lovers, we've pulled together rubs from a wide selection of well-known and specialist brands.

Our aim is to bring all the rubs any BBQ enthusiast needs into one place. Whether you're looking for a rub from Smoked & Cured or want something made by Hark, Sauc'd Lawnslow or Yapo's Flamin Trumpets, you'll find them all at The Rub Society. There's no need to shop around or spend hours hunting for a rub that will complement specific meat or vegetarian choices. Every rub you need for pork, beef, game, chicken, lamb and exotic meats is here, ready to order from The Rub Society.

Not only do we stock every rub you could ever need, but we also stock a range of briquettes, charcoal and wood chunks that are ideal for your BBQ or smoker. If you need advice, tips or suggestions, our tutorials, put together by experts who are seasoned, dedicated BBQ masters, provide plenty of inspiration.

Premium ingredients for exceptional quality

We believe that the best BBQ results come from using fresh, high-grade ingredients, alongside skilled cooking and an appreciation of which flavours work well together. All our stocked rubs are made from premium ingredients, with an emphasis on flavours that work well with barbequed meat and vegetables. We concentrate on BBQ rubs and sauces, enabling us to provide a complete solution to your requirements, no matter how specialist they might be - if you're particular about your BBQ, you've come to the right place to get exactly what you need.

BBQ flavours from around the globe

When it comes to the perfect rub, it's always interesting to take a look at what other countries and cultures use to ensure their meat is deliciously seasoned. Barbecued meat is a staple across the globe, which is why some of the tastiest flavour combinations come from as far afield as Mexico and the US.

Check out the BRZ Food selection for South American-inspired flavours tailored for particular joints of meat. Chillies, cocoa, cayenne pepper and garlic form a flavour fusion that's absolutely irresistible. There are rubs available for lamb, beef, chicken, pork and vegetables - a complete solution to all your BBQ requirements.

If you fancy an American taste to your meat, take a look at the Low & Slow American BBQ collection or Meat Church's fantastic choice of Cajun and Texan inspired classics. Holy Voodoo, for example, blends jalapeno peppers with paprika, garlic, onion and brown sugar to deliver a sweet, deadly kick. Don't forget their iconic Honey Bacon BBQ rub, which provides a honey/bacon themed hit to almost any BBQ item. Don't forget we also stock a USA pack of rubs, featuring Meat Church and Kosmos Q products, as well as The Butcher's Cut and Meat Mitch options.

Of course, no Australian BBQ would be complete without rubs provided by Greenwood BBQ (their Blackjack rub is the perfect accompaniment to seafood), one of Johnny Mac's rubs or something from the Bulldozer BBQ selection.

Try something a little niche

Perhaps you're already familiar with Lane's BBQ or Atomic Chicken, but haven't tried the Smoky Pastures range, or experienced the exquisite taste sensation that Natural Smoke wood can bring. Because we stock an enormous range of specialist rubs, we've got options that provide a fresh, exciting flavour kick or give you the opportunity to try a taste combination you may not have thought of. Options such as the Heavenly Hell range, for example, open up a wealth of flavour possibilities. Why not take a walk on the wild side with Pistol Powder, or give your wedges and fries a whole new lease of life with a good shake of Potato Pimp?

If you've got some wild game or other exotic meat, The Butcher's Cut Texas Dirt provides the taste solution you're looking for. Featuring red and green bell peppers, as well as food-grade charcoal to provide a tasty coating around the meat, this is a great option for ostrich, venison, rabbit or game bird cuts.

Alternatively, why not try Meat Graffiti? This is a great product if you're normally a diehard beef eater, but fancy trying pork or chicken for a change. As well as the MVP option, it's also available in Bark King and Smokey Chipotle flavours - perfect for adding variety to your usual BBQ menu.

What about vegetarians?

We know that for many meat fiends, the concept of a vegetarian BBQ takes some getting used to, but with around 12% of the population being Veggie, and plenty more people choosing to eat less meat, having a rub or two available to transform veggie kebabs or mushroom steaks into something awesome is always a good idea. We recommend options such as Postal Barbecue Original rub to give grilled veg some added interest. For salads, coleslaw, dressings or any other side dishes, you can't do better than The Mama Hot Sauce. Created by the Mama Melisse brand, this versatile sauce provides the perfect combination of heat and flavour.

Although meat will almost always be the centrepiece of any BBQ, paying attention to the side dishes and vegetarian options ensures that everyone in your party will have food available that's to their taste.

From Low'n'Sloe Basics to Olive Pip Co Briquettes and other products in the Olive Pip range, we've got everything you need to ensure your next BBQ is truly unforgettable.

Order now and enjoy a wealth of exciting flavours and exceptional BBQ results.
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