Barbecue and Smoking Industry in Australia

Barbecue and Smoking Industry in Australia

The barbecue and smoking meat industry in Australia has grown exponentially over the past few years, with more and more people embracing the culture of low and slow cooking, bbq rubs & bbq sauces. From backyard enthusiasts to professional pitmasters, Australians have fallen in love with the art of barbecue, and this has led to an increase in demand for high quality bbq sauces, bbq rubs, and other accessories.

One of the most essential components of any good barbecue is bbq sauce. BBQ sauce is a condiment that is applied to meat during cooking or served as a dip alongside the finished dish. It can be sweet, tangy, spicy, or a combination of all three, and there are countless variations available on the market. In Australia, some of the most popular brands of bbq sauce include Blues Hog, Meat Mitch, and Blackbear BBQ. However, there are also many smaller, boutique brands that are gaining a following among barbecue enthusiasts.

One such brand is Blackbear BBQ, an Australian company that specializes in handmade bbq sauces and rubs. Blackbear BBQ sauces are made using only the finest ingredients. These sauces are perfect for adding flavor and depth to a range of meats, from ribs and brisket to chicken and pork.

Another key element of great barbecue is the bbq rub. A bbq rub is a blend of spices and herbs that is applied to meat before cooking. The purpose of a bbq rub is to enhance the flavor of the meat and create a tasty crust on the outside. There are many different types of bbq rubs available. Some popular ingredients in bbq rub brands include Meat Church, Smoky Pastures and Kosmos Q, all available from The Rub Society.

One of the unique aspects of the Australian barbecue and smoking meat industry is the focus on using local ingredients. Many companies source their ingredients from Australian farmers and producers, which helps to support local businesses and promote sustainability.

In addition to bbq sauces and bbq rubs, there are also many other accessories and tools that are essential for successful barbecue and smoking. These can include charcoal, wood chips, thermometers, and smokers. There are many different types of smokers available, including electric, gas, and charcoal smokers. Each type of smoker has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to choose the right one based on your individual needs and preferences.

Overall, the barbecue and smoking meat industry in Australia is thriving, with a growing number of people embracing the art of low and slow cooking. BBQ sauces, bbq rubs, and other accessories are all available from The Rub Society, and there are many innovative and exciting products being developed by local companies. Whether you are a backyard enthusiast or a professional pitmaster, there is no doubt that the Australian barbecue rub and Australian barbecue sauce scene has something to offer. So fire up your smoker, grab some bbq sauce and bbq rubs, and get ready to experience the mouth-watering flavors of slow-cooked meat.

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